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Human Resources has become more critical than ever. We are now amid an era of digitalization where organizations will or already face various challenges, these being from an increase in cyber security threats, to managing demographic shift as well as understanding what the next generation, the iGeneration (generation Z) following the millennials (generation Y), will look for in an organization.

This means not only does HR as a function need to change but skill requirements, qualifications, expectations and behaviors are dramatically changing. Organizations need to be flexible to adapt in many processes. In short, change management and organizational effectiveness will have to take place at an accelerated pace. One key aspect will be Leadership, which has always been important, however the transparency on leadership is becoming an integral part for organizations.

HR should be a strategic partner, ensuring leadership success, helping to drive the business, and have a strong focus on sourcing, engaging, retaining and, developing talent, to ensure organizations can further grow during their digital journey, as well as stay ahead of the competition and avoid the risk of losing valuable intellectual capital - brain drain.